12 March 2017

If you're looking for adventure, this is a great place to train.


“If you’re trying to work out where you want to train and you want to go somewhere where you have to take some self-direction in your learning but you’re going to see things that you won’t see elsewhere in Australia, here is the place to come".

Dr Sarah Lord started training with NTGPE in 2015 and has done placements in Darwin and Arnhem Land.

The reason I picked NTGPE was because I looked at the jobs available and they are jobs that you will not get anywhere else in Australia.

There are some 130 accredited training posts in the NT which means GP registrars will work in training posts all around the territory and be exposed to a wide variety of training environments.

“You’ll have opportunities to do things you won’t be able to do elsewhere in Australia and you’ll have placements that you won’t have access to otherwise. The chances to work remotely and working with diseases most people won’t see in their medical career let alone every day is incredible.

“Throughout my clinical training whether that is hospital based or clinical based, the breadth that I see is not what people are seeing down south. I think as a health community up here we have become really good at working our way through the challenges”.

Dr Sarah Lord
Palmerston Super Clinic