20 August 2019

Dr Bronwyn Carson's GP journey


"I'm Bronwyn Carson, I'm the director of training at NTGPE.

So training for general practice in the Northern Territory offers unique opportunities to registrars. There's a broad range of medical need in the Territory. We've got a high percentage of Indigenous people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living here in the N.T. who've got disproportionate health needs. Also other people who live in isolated places in the N.T. often don't have access to good healthcare.

So it's a great opportunity for registrars to get out there and to provide a well needed service along with the chance of learning while they're doing that with great supervision with some very motivated people who work in those areas.

I was born at Yirrkala in East Arnhem before Nhulunbuy existed and I grew up there in my early childhood years and I was drawn back to the Northern Territory as an adult.

Just the health care needs, the diversity of people here in the Northern Territory draw me back again and again. It's an interesting place to live and it's an interesting place to work as a GP.

I do feel that what I do is really useful for society and that's a great thing. That's a great motivator to get out of bed in the morning feeling that the service you are providing is actually valued by people."

Dr Bronwyn Carson