27 March 2019

How do I apply to train as a GP?


How do I apply to train as a GP?

Congratulations on your decision to specialise in general practice - you'll be joining a career path that promises great adventure, diverse medicine and broad career opportunities. But where do you start your GP journey? Read on below for our step-by-step guide on how to apply to train as a GP.

First things first; in the GP training landscape, there are three main players:

The application process involves all three players and can seem a bit complicated, but if you follow the six steps outlined in this cheat sheet, applying to become a GP will be a whole lot easier.

Step one—application and eligibility

Apply for a 2020 training place in the AGPT program by heading to your preferred college’s website: ACRRM and RACGP both have links to apply on their homepage when intakes are open (2020 intakes are currently open, and will close 29 April. It’s at this stage you list NTGPE as your preferred RTO to train in the NT.

The Commonwealth Department of Health assesses your eligibility for the AGPT program. Eligibility is determined in relation to your citizenship status, primary medical qualifications and medical registration. Head to the AGPT website  for more information about eligibility for the AGPT program.

Step two—college assessment

Depending on your chosen college, you’ll be required to pass an assessment in order to confirm you have the skills, knowledge and attributes required for a successful career as a GP. The two colleges follow different assessment processes so be sure to pay close attention to the dates and requirements for your chosen college.

Step three—fee payment

If you’re deemed eligible to be a part of the GP training program by AGPT, the next step is to pay an application fee to your chosen college so your application can be assessed. If you think of applying as a baton relay, this is point where the baton gets handed from AGPT to the colleges. Payment of the application fee does not guarantee your acceptance by the college, but without paying the fee, your application won’t be assessed.

Step four—interview

Candidates may be invited to interview with an RTO in accord with their assessment outcome, training pathway and regional preference. These interviews are held face to face – which means you’ll be taking a trip to the NT (if you don’t live here already).

Step five—offers

If you’re successful in receiving an offer for a place in the program – it’s time to break out the streamers. Congratulations! Keep your wits about you though because you’ll be required to respond in writing within seven days.

If you don’t receive an offer in the first round; all is not lost, you may be offered a position in another region or round of offers. If you are unsuccessful, you will be notified.

Step six—placement selection

After accepting your offer, your allocated RTO will send you information about how to apply for your chosen placement.

See, applying to the AGPT doesn’t seem so daunting now, does it? Just take the process step by step, and make sure you’re well prepared by having all the required documentation at hand so that your application isn’t held up at any of the stages. Good luck!