08 August 2019

GP registrar orientation support for training posts


Providing a fulsome orientation for new GP registrars is key to a successful placement with your training post and is a great way to kick-start GP training. In acknowledgement of this commitment, NTGPE has developed a support package to assist training posts with providing the time to GP supervisors, clinic staff and GP registrars to engage in a more comprehensive training post orientation for GPT/PRRT1 GP registrars.

This initiative was developed after receiving feedback from GP registrars, GP supervisors and training posts. It will be trialled for the 2019 training year and we will again seek feedback towards the end of the trial period.

Training posts with GPT/PRRT1s in 2019.2 received an email earlier this week detailing the support offered. Please contact with any questions or head to the agreements and payments page for more information.