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There are many resources which can assist you through your JFPP journey. We hope you find the following resources informative.

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Online Resources

Kartiya are like Toyotas*

Remarks by a Western Desert woman about whitefellas who work in Indigenous communities

Kartiya are like Toyotas


What stresses remote area nurses? Current knowledge and future action*

Journal article on stress in remote area nurses, causes and interventions

What stresses remote area nurses?



NTGPE's community consultation language app



Working Well

Online resources  designed to assist GP registrars and other health professionals working in Aboriginal community controlled health services

*If working in an Aboriginal medical service (AMS)

working well


Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) - placement interview

Dr Tony Austin AM, Chairman of the Remote Area Health Corps in conversation with new-to-remote Dr Douglas Randell on his recent experience working in remote Indigenous communities across the Northern Territory - 18 Oct 2017


RAHC cultural handbook*

An introduction to working with, and living in, remote Aboriginal communities - reference guide

RAHC handbook


Remote Ready*

Preparing for work in remote locations of the Northern Territory

remote ready


A review of the social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Australian peoples

Report from the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

social and emotional wellbeing


Beyond Bandaids: Exploring the Underlying Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health

Papers from the Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health Workshop, Adelaide, July 2004

beyond bandaids


Bringing life-saving dialysis to the bush

Audio interview on "Conversations" on ABC Radio

Bringing life-saving dialysis to the bush


Kinship Top End

Diagrams and explanations

Kinship Top End


Guide to Bush Survival

CRANAplus resource

CRANAplus guide to bush survival


Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara Medical Terms

Common and handy Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara terms relating to health care and well being

 Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara terms relating to health care and well being


Language app helps renal patients understand dialysis treatment in Central Australia

Article from ABC online

Indigenous language app


Throw your hat into the ring

Justin is a descendant of the Wiradjuri people and is living the dream of working and living in his home town of Broken Hill for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  In this episode of Destination Medicine find out how by putting the right support systems in place and having a lot of determination and drive can make that journey a lot less bumpy.

Lights, action, and far reaching places – a mega-directional career in medicine

Tim is an aeromedical retrieval specialist, a GP Anaesthetist and a film maker. Only two years after graduating from medicine, Tim felt disconnected from who he really was and took a break from medicine to study film. Before pursuing a career in film, Tim decided to do one last locum at Katherine, in the Northern Territory. After a car accident on a silent and remote highway, Tim thought his life may be coming to an end. In this episode of Destination Medicine, Tim will share a story with us, that was both life affirming and life changing.

The Rural Generalist path to professional and lifestyle fulfilment

Teena’s specialisation is a great example of the diversity you can have in your work, as a GP, based in the country. You may have heard of the term ‘Rural Generalist’ but what does it mean and what pathway do you take to be one? In this episode of Destination Medicine get ready to be motivated as Teena speaks about the many hats she wears from working at the local Emergency Department to being involved in the delivery of 150 babies!

A General Paediatrician’s perfect career choice

Theresa was fortunate enough to receive a John Flynn Scholarship whilst she was studying medicine and spent two weeks each year of her degree on the beautiful Flinders Island with the local GP; and that’s when her love for country medicine was confirmed.  In this episode of Destination Medicine find out the benefits of working as a Paediatrician in the country and the joy of no traffic lights!


BushTel is a central point for information about the remote communities of the Northern Territory, their people and cultural and historical influences. BushTel aims to enhance planning and informed decision making.



Ask the Specialist podcast

‘Ask the Specialist’ is a cultural education podcast which answers doctors’ questions about working with Aboriginal patients at Top End hospitals.

“The Specialists” are Larrakia Elder Bilawara Lee, Tiwi Elder Pirrawayingi Puruntatameri and Yolŋu leader Rarrtjiwuy Melanie Herdman. Kriol and Burrara interpreter Bernadette Nethercott from the NT Aboriginal Interpreter Service also shares expertise.

Across seven episodes, questions range from the practical, “Is it okay to make eye contact?” to cultural safety issues, “I want to know what Aboriginal people feel like when we talk to them, what makes them think that we're racist?”

ask the specialist


Offline Resources

"A Doctor's Dream: A story of hope from the Top End" by Dr Buddhi Lokuge
A Doctor's Dream: A story of hope from the Top End

"Position Doubtful: Mapping Landscapes And Memories" by Kim Mahood

Position Doubtful: mapping landscapes and memories