GP team supervision

Supervision by a team of health professionals


The team supervision model is commonly used at NTGPE.

The team supervision model was designed to overcome supervision challenges in small, remote training posts. Essentially a GP registar is supported by a team of health professionals such as remote area nurses, Aboriginal health practitioners and supervising GPs instead of a single accredited GP supervisor.

There is always an accredited GP supervisor identified as the lead GP supervisor, however these team supervision models are designed to also take into consideration the other important roles involved in providing supervision and support to GP registrars, particularly in remote settings.

Team supervision models are also commonly used in urban settings. These models reflect the reality of a team of GP supervisors all participating and sharing the supervision of one or more GP registrars. Again, there is always a lead GP supervisor identified who is responsible for the overall coordination of the team of supervisors.

Each model varies depending on the training post.

For more information regarding team supervision models, please go to the placemeNT website, then click on Information for Registrars.

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