Agreements and payments



NTGPE has an agreement with each participating training post. Agreements are provided to each training post before the commencement of the placement and include details of practice subsidy payment and supervisor in-practice teaching allowances.


Rates are based on the level of the GP registrar. Please see below table:

  GPT1/CGT1 GPT2/CGT2 GPT3/CGT3 ESP (community based) Ext. Assessment Ext. Fellowship AST/ARST H/CCT
Practice Subsidy $520 p/week + GST $260 p/week + GST Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Teaching Allowance $130 p/week + GST (x3 hours p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x2 hours p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x1 hour p/week) Nil $130 p/week + GST (x1 hour p/week) Nil Nil Nil

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Payments made to the training posts 

The practice subsidy is the payment to the training posts as an incentive for taking on GP registrars, while the teaching allowance is the payment for supervisors for providing the teaching and supervision.

GP supervisor feedback is requested at weeks 6, 13 and at the end of training term, except for ARST/AST* and ESP supervisors where the feedback is only requested at week 6 and at the end of the term.

Where applicable, both payments will be made together, directly to the training post.

*ARST and AST placements do not attract a teaching allowance.

Practice Support for GP/CGT1 term GP registrars training post orientation

The initial orientation can make or break the experience of starting in general practice for a GP registrar and NTGPE is aware of the level of work that is required to orientate GPT/CGT1 GP registrars in those first few weeks. To show our support to training posts who take on this considerable task NTGPE has developed a support package to assist training posts to be able to provide the time for the supervisor, clinic staff and GP registrars to engage in a more comprehensive orientation.

This initiative was developed after receiving feedback from GP registrars, supervisors and training posts.

Training posts will be eligible for an additional payment of $1,560 per FTE GPT/CGT1 for the 2-week period after the NTGPE orientation. To be eligible the training post is required to provide the following over the two-week period:

  • 2-day orientation to the training post (this does not need to be 2 full consecutive days);
  • GP registrar observing GP supervisor (3 sessions over two-week period); and
  • GP supervisor observing GP registrar (3 sessions over two-week period)

Note: Observation by GP registrar does not always need to be with the primary supervisor and the observations do not need to be consecutive but should be completed within the 2-week period.

The GP registrar will be required to complete a log detailing what they have completed during the period (e.g. cases observed, what was covered in orientation), this will be signed by both the GP registrar and the GP supervisor and payment will be made upon submission of the log and invoice by the training post to .

The payment is available to community training posts (excludes hospital and Australian Defence Force facility posts) with GP term registrars only and excludes Hospital, ESP, AST and ARST term registrar placements.

For part time GP registrars, the payment will be paid on a pro rata basis. Where a registrar is training in two concurrent training posts the payment will be paid pro-rata for the fraction of FTE employed at each post unless the training posts agree in writing to another arrangement (e.g. one post provides all the above activities) and notify NTGPE.

Training posts do not have to avail themselves of this package however if you wish to do so please discuss with your supervisors and registrars, and develop a plan to cover off the above requirements. The GP registrar is required to maintain and complete a log for the orientation period, an example of which is attached but you can develop your own, the log is then signed by the supervisor and registrar and submitted to NTGPE along with your invoice.  

NTGPE’s Registrar Liaison Officers (RLOs) have also developed an orientation checklist (one for mainstream and one for remote clinics) that is provided to the GP registrars at our orientation to give them some guidance as to what they should be looking to find out during their orientation at their training post, it is by no means a required checklist as we are aware many clinics already have their own well developed processes.  The checklists are available at these links Mainstream orientation clinic checklistRural and Remote clinic orientation checklist.  We have also developed an example template log for your use, or you can use your own.

Employment of GP registrars

NTGPE encourages training posts to seriously consider the professional relationship they have with any contracted GP registrar, as an employer would with an employee.

NTGPE expects GP registrars to develop a professional employer-employee relationship with the training post owner or manager beginning with the employment interview.

Training posts must adhere to the national terms and conditions for training (NTCER).

Download a copy of NTCER