AGPT 2019 intake

Applications open Monday 26 March 2018

Applications for 2019 AGPT intake opening 10 AM AEDT on Monday, March 26 2018.

8 things you should know about the AGPT Intake application process

1. Fellowship – which one suits you?

The end destination for a GP registrar is fellowship which is the formal recognition of qualification. Your first step in the application process is deciding which fellowship you want to end up with.

There are two colleges who offer GP training in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) and Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM).

RACGP offers two fellowship options:

1. Fellowship of Royal Australia of General Practice (FRACGP):

  • Three years full time
  • Available to GP registrars on both general and rural pathway

2. Fellowship in Advanced of Rural General Practice (FARGP):

  • Four years full time
  • Available qualification to all GP registrars who have completed FRACGP
  • Involves advanced rural training

ACRRM offers one fellowship option:

  • Four years full time
  • Designed for those who want to work rurally or remotely

Once your decision is made, apply directly to the college of your choice. RACGP and ACRRM.

2. Understand the Department of Health involvement

Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program is administered by the Department of Health. AGPT needs to know about your intention to train too – this is done via the application process to the colleges.

For more information about eligibility visit AGPT website.

3. There is an application fee

Once the Department of Health deems you eligible to apply, you’ll be charged an application fee. For further details on fees, please keep an eye on the AGPT and respective college (RACGP and ACRRM) websites.

4. ACRRM uses selection criteria

ACRRM has written responses in its selection criteria, much like applying for a job. Allocate lots of time to complete the application – you will need it. Tips on writing selection criteria for ACRRM.

5. Get your referees sorted – they will greatly influence your application

Choose your referees with care and tell them they are being listed as a referee. Both colleges will contact your referees.

ACRRM relies heavily on the referees for selection and will:

  • Contact referees
  • Allocate points to applications based on referee responses
  • Ask referees to complete detailed online response to questions based on selection criteria (takes 60 mins)
  • Require your referee to have worked with you for at least four weeks in the past three years – they will need to be able to answer detailed questions about you

6. RACGP has an applicant exam

RACGP has a Candidate Assessment Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) which:

  • Takes 2.5 hours
  • Online but must be taken at a registered venue
  • Questions are a mix of knowledge, situational and judgement questions. Sample questions

7. Doctors on 457 temporary resident visas are accepted

NTGPE will offer 457 visa support for applicants who are able to supply the following:

  • Current CV.
  • Letter stating: ‘why they want to work as a GP and in the Northern Territory’.
  • A copy of primary medical qualification in Australia or New Zealand.
  • A current/active permanent residency application or a completed Statutory Declaration.
  • Documentation which confirms when they have received OR expect to have general medical registration.
8. Application deadlines are set in stone

Take note of the dates and times of when things are due. Extensions are not granted in the GP training application process.

Useful links:

AGPT website

ACRRM website

RACGP website 

NTGPE is always happy to answer any questions you have about the training program, how to apply and training in the NT. Feel free to email us on or 08 8946 7079.