NTGPE remains committed to keeping our stakeholders up-to-date as we progress through this period of change, and we will continue to advocate for a seamless transition, to ensure as little disruption as possible to registrars, supervisors and all of our stakeholders.

As the transition process has unfolded and the College-led operating models determined, NTGPE has developed a key program to help ensure a successful transition. We have called this program BEYOND.

BEYOND takes us through the journey of transition for not only our key external stakeholders, but also our staff.

Renee Alexander The BEYOND program is about channelling energy as we pass the baton and custodianship of the AGPT program to RACGP and ACRRM. It’s also about making sure our legacy is continued through community of practice – especially as we transition BEYOND the AGPT program.

Renee Alexander, Director People and Transformation

For more information, read the media release via the link below.

Introducing BEYOND

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