29 January 2018

NTGPE mandatory requirements changed


There will be a change to NTGPE mandatory requirements from 2019.1 (February 4, 2019) in relation to the 6-month mandatory remote placement. This change will apply to all GP registrars in the program no matter what year they joined the program.

The GP*/PRR term requirements have been established to maximise the education and training opportunities for GP registrars in preparation for fellowship exams and to respond to the workforce needs of the Northern Territory.

Remote is classified using the Modified Monash Model (MMM) geographical classification system which is progressively being introduced to a range of health workforce programs.

The requirements have been designed to balance the needs and expectations of the training posts and registrars. It seeks to encourage more GP registrars to take up positions in more remote regions and will be accompanied with a modified subsidy scheme and additional education support to GP registrars working in MMM7 regions:

GP/PRR term requirements:

             At least a 6 month FTE post in a MMM7 region, minimum 3 nights per week AND/OR

             At least 12 months FTE training post (or training posts) in a MMM6 region.

*GP term includes ESPs where applicable

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