13 June 2018

GP Training Transition - Update


From 2022, the RACGP and the ACRRM will take responsibility for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program, following a transition period from 2019.

The GP colleges will have a greater role in the delivery and management of general practice training for all practitioners seeking to become a GP specialist in Australia. Transitioning to a profession-led GP training program is consistent with other specialist medical training programs and was identified in both the RACGP and ACRRM Compacts.

The transition essentially involves the transfer of business from the Department to the GP colleges:

  • The majority of the Department's roles and responsibilities, including responsibility for the RTO contracts, will transfer to the colleges during the transition period.
  • During the transition period, there will be a focus on maintaining 'business as usual' with RTOs continuing to perform their current program delivery functions.
  • There will not be a major reform of the program.

The Department, the GP colleges and the regional training organisations (RTOs) are working together to ensure arrangements for the upcoming 2019-2021 transition period follow a staged transition. To date, the transition discussions have focussed on the contractual mechanisms with the colleges and RTOs to support transition process.

The Department, the GP colleges and the RTOs will continue to ensure that any impact on supervisors and registrars currently on the AGPT program, and registrars entering the AGPT program, is minimised during the transition.

Continued funding and support of the AGPT will improve the quality and the distribution of training and the GP workforce particularly in rural and remote areas.

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Source: The Department of Health