13 May 2021

Dr Kapuya reaches five years of service


Medical Educator Dr Vimbai Kapuya has been congratulated after reaching five years of service at Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE).

Dr Kapuya, who grew up in Zimbabwe, is an ACRRM fellow who trained as a rural general practitioner with NTGPE in Katherine.

Dr Kapuya did her medical degree in South Africa before moving to Australia, and was previously a Registrar Liaison Officer with NTGPE where she chaired the Registrar Advisory Committee. She was also a member of the ACRRM registrar committee until 2018.

She has a keen interest in medical education and is now a Medical Educator (ME) with NTGPE and has also joined the ACRRM ME team, as well as obtaining a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education through Flinders University in 2018.

Dr Kapuya said her main passion is supporting registrars in becoming rural generalists through her involvement with NTGPE and ACRRM.

“I mainly support ACRRM registrars as someone who has been through the training and understands the assessments, and knows what the registrars need,” she said.

“So far, it’s been appreciated by the registrars, and for the AGPT program, it’s been a really good step.

“Everyone tries to go towards the big cities instead of rural areas, so we try and support people even after they finish training.

“More people are finding rural generalism more interesting now there is increased support and education in place.

“I’m very happy to have reached five years at NTGPE, and want to continue as an ME in rural and remote health.”

NTGPE Chief Executive Officer Stephen Pincus acknowledged Vimbai for her service at NTGPE and, especially, for ACRRM registrars on the AGPT program. 

“NTGPE currently has the highest number of ACRRM applications of any RTO for the 2022 AGPT program, and obviously the word is out amongst junior doctors about the applicability and suitability of our program for ACRRM registrars,” he said.

“A key component of this excellent result is due to the outstanding ongoing contribution of Vimbai and NTGPE’s ACRRM MEs and program staff.

“Vimbai also acts as a mentor for our ACRRM fellows, who we hope will be motivated by Vimbai’s achievements and may also move into ACRRM ME roles within NTGPE.

“I congratulate Vimbai on reaching five years of service with NTGPE, helping NTGPE to develop a program that meets ACRRM registrars’ needs.”