06 April 2018

Changes to remote training requirement!


As you would have heard NTGPE is changing from the current remote training requirement (>100kms outside of Alice Springs or Darwin) to the new MMM6/MMM7 training location requirement as of February 4, 2019:

• at least a 6 month FTE post in a MMM7 region*, minimum 3 nights per week and/or

• at least 12 months FTE post (or training posts) in a MMM6 region*

*includes community based ESP/AST/ARST terms but excludes hospital based post.

To help GP registrars and training posts understand the requirement we have developed a list of FAQs which will be updated as we receive more questions. If you cannot find your answer here, contact

The GP registrar subsidy policy has been updated to provide additional financial and education support to GP registrars choosing MMM6 and MMM7. It also allows more flexibility in the way the GP registrar chooses to use the funds. This new policy will come into effect as of February 4, 2019. View the policy here.