29 January 2018

Change to NTGPE 2018.2 term end date


NTGPE has implemented an important change to the 2018.2 term end date to bring NTGPE’s training terms in line with our Territory hospitals and other regional training organisations.

What this means to training posts:
Any GP registrar who secured a placement with you for the 2018.2 training term will remain with you until February 3, 2019 (previously notified date was January 20, 2019).

Key amendments required:
- Employment contracts/agreements
- Medicare provider numbers
- GP registrar training records

What this means to GP registrars:
This means that you will remain with the training post that you secured a 2018.2 training placement with until February 3, 2019 (previously notified date was January 20, 2019).

Training posts have been notified of this change and have been requested to review employment contracts and agreements.

NTGPE will manage the necessary changes to GP registrars training records and you will be contacted in a timely manner to extend your AGPT Medicare provider number applications.

Additional considerations that you may need to make include:
- Rent lease
- Planned leave for the end of 2018.2 term
- Relocation to your 2019.1 training placement

GP registrars who will be completing their final training term in 2018.2 will still be able to proceed with their fellowship application providing they have completed all their training requirements on January 20, 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this required change has incurred and thank you for your compliance. Questions or (08) 8946 7079.