10 May 2018

CE/CM network meet in Darwin


Last week was a busy week for the NTGPE cultural education team, hosting 70 members of the Cultural Educators and Cultural Mentors (CE/CM) Network here in Darwin. 

NTGPE Cultural Educator Elizabeth Heenan, introduced the mob to her totem dance, the traditional Tiwi Island boat dance, which even engaged the tourists passing by. This introductory dance class inspired the network members to incorporate more dancing in future meetings.

NTGPE Medical Educator, Dr Olivia O'Donoghue said "the CE/CM network meetings are an important opportunity to share and develop innovative ideas about cross-cultural education in the GP training space from across the country. They are also integral in the ongoing professional development for CEs and CMs and provide a national identity for the like-minded and dedicated individuals working in this space."

The next meeting will be held Adelaide prior to General Practice Training and Education Conference on 10-11 September. 

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