myGPcommunity has been given a well-deserved upgrade and was presented at our GP registrar orientation 2016.2 on the 18th July 2016.

All users, new and old will need to login to the upgraded site as if they were using it for the first time.

New login details have be emailed to all GP registrars, GP supervisors, medical educators and NTGPE support staff in a welcome email. If you have not received your new log in, please contact Matt Martin (details below). The welcome email also gives instructions on how to login and get set up on the site.

Please save the myGPcommunity website address as a favourite:

Any questions about the upgraded site can be directed to:

Matt Martin
myGPcommunity & ICT Support Officer
Phone: (08) 8946 7714


myGPcommunity is NTGPE’s unique self-directed learning and teaching platform that was created for three reasons:

  • To alleviate the administration burden that goes with training and supporting a growing number of GP registrars.
  • To overcome the geographical distances between GP registrars, GP supervisors, medical educators and NTGPE support staff.
  • To provide GP registrars, GP supervisors and medical educators the opportunity to use this self-directed state-of-the-art learning and teaching design.

myGPcommunity design is consistent with NTGPE’s goal of ensuring professional development and is readily available to Northern Territory to ensure high quality primary care is accessible to all Territorians.