Role of Medical Education

Northern Territory General Practice Education’s Medical Education Team has continued to develop and deliver education and training for GP Registrars in accordance with the Australian General Practice Training Program requirements and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and Royal Australian College of General Practitioners training standards. In addition, they also facilitate training, education, policy and services for the various orientations, teleconferences and debriefs Northern Territory General Practice Education’s John Flynn Placement Program require.

The GP Registrar Program and John Flynn Placement Program continue to complement each other by introducing the participant to General Practice life in the Northern Territory. The various orientations, teleconferences and debriefs that occur throughout the year keep Northern Territory General Practice Education Program Participants well supported by the Medical Education Team.

Medical Educators are particularly skilled at assisting GP Registrars in creating diverse and innovative Training Plans (i.e. combination of remote, indigenous health, procedural, academic, public health, mainstream, hospital-based posts and more) probably more so than in any other comparable jurisdiction nationally, and the Medical Education Team support many GP Registrars in this manner.

The Medical Education Team continue to have a huge role in GP Registrar workshops and conferences both intra and inter-state.