Cultural Education

Cultural Education Team Profiles


Richard Fejo
Senior Aboriginal Cultural Educator

Hello, my Name is Richard Fejo and I am a Larrakia Traditional Owner on my father’s side (Darwin region) and I am Warumungu on my mother’s side (Tennant Creek region).  I have always relied on the wisdom that has been handed down to me from my family and my elders and having a salt water skin name and a desert skin name has helped me in my work as I travelled throughout the Northern Territory working with and for Aboriginal people for over 15 years. I commenced in the role of Aboriginal Cultural Educator with NTGPE in June 2009 and became a Senior Educator in November 2012.  As a Larrakia Traditional Owner, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you.


Elisabeth Heenan
Aboriginal Cultural Educator

Hi my name is Elisabeth Heenan and I am a Tiwi person from Milikapiti, where I spent my childhood growing up surrounded by my very big family of ten (I am the youngest).  My skin group from my mother’s side is Mullet and my skin name from my father’s side is Nambidjimba (my father was born in Coniston, Central Australia).  I have spent a large portion of my life working in the health sector and have been working for NTGPE since November 2011 as a Cultural Educator – I really enjoy working for my people and helping others and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.


Patricia Rankine
Aboriginal Cultural Educator

My  name  is  Patricia  Nungala Rankine  and I originate from  Alekerenge  Community (Southeast  of  Tennant  Creek)  but  have  been  living  in  Mungkarta  Community  now  for  the  last five  years.  Mungkarta, Southwest  of  Tennant  Creek , has a population of  70-80 and  the  clan  group  there  is  Warramungu,  Alyawerre  and  Warpiri. My clan group  is  Warlpiri/Kaditji  but  I also  have  connections  with  the  Anmatjerra  tribe  around  the  Ti-Tree  area  in  central Australia.  I have been with NTGPE since December 2011.

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