Cultural Education


Working with and caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in both organisational and community settings presents many rewards and challenges.  These challenges vary depending on the local compliance with traditional law and the lifestyle and customs of the local people. The importance of and connection to country, the kinship system and sensitivity and respect are all vital aspects of aboriginal cultural and spirituality.

NTGPE has a strong and respected history of providing quality cultural education through a variety of training mediums ranging from one day orientation courses (which can be tailored to your corporation’s requirements) through to three day cultural immersion camps that totally engage the participant in living and learning the local ways and customs of the community and the land.

NTGPE has a four strong Cultural Education team based in the Darwin NTGPE office that provides comprehensive and relevant training based on their rich personal knowledge of the local land and its inhabitants.  For more information on the NTGPE Cultural Education team, please click here.

NTGPE’s Cultural Education Team Patricia Rankine, Elizabeth Heenan, Kevin Parriman and Richard Fejo

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