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Gunbalanya Health Centre

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Clinic Profile:

Situated in West Arnhem, 330km East of Darwin and 60km NNE of Jabiru, near the East Alligator River.

Medical Student, Junior Doctor and GP Registrar

Approximately 1500 (including Outstations)

Major Language Groups:
Kunwinjku, Burarra, Kriol

Access: Road:
From Darwin: 3.5 – 4 hours. Turn off just before Jabiru. There is a 16km stretch of dirt road to contend with and 4WD is required.

Access: Air:
From Darwin: 45 minutes. From Jabiru: 20 minutes. Access all year round.

Access: Seasonal:
East Alligator river is tidal and isolates the community during the wet season. The road is usually cut from December to April.

Outstations Serviced:
Manmoyi, Mamadawerre, Marlwon, Marlgawa, Gamargawon, Gumarringbang, Kabulwarnamyo, Gudjekbinj, Wilagi, Annersley Point, Urgil, Black Point and Araru.

Health Centre Info:
Staff comprises of 1 GP, 6 RNs and 2 Aboriginal Health Workers. Each clinician has their own air-conditioned consulting room.

chronic disease
Mental health
Child health
Antenatal and women’s health

Visiting Specialists:
Dentist – monthly
Paediatrician – 6 weekly
Psychiatrist – 3 monthly
Ophthalmologist – twice yearly
Optometrist – twice yearly
Ear, Nose, Throat – once to twice yearly
Gynaecology and Obstetrics – twice yearly
Surgeon – twice yearly
Physician – five to six times yearly
Cardiologist and Echo tech – twice yearly

Additional Information:
RFDS / Airmed service operates all year round.

Training Details:
Professional development conducted in Darwin.

Open Times:
Monday to Friday 0900 – 1600hrs

Contact Details:
P 08 8979 0178
F 08 8979 0159
C/- CSB 6, via Winnellie, NT 0822

Website Clinic Link:

Community Profile

Also called Kunbarllanjanja or Oenpelli, Gunbalanya is the traditional homelands to the Mengerr, Erre, Wuningak, Gagudju and Amardak peoples. Oenpelli was established in 1906 by Paddy Cahill (after whom the crossing at the East Alligator River is named). It was taken over by the government in 1916 and then run by the Church Missionary Society until 1977 when control passed back to the community.

Art and Culture:
Injalak Arts and Crafts      www.injalak.com

Shire / Community Council/s:

West Arnhem Shire Council      www.westarnhem.nt.gov.au
Gunbalayna Council Inc
Kunbarllanjnja Community Govt Council

Local and Government Services:
Police station, school.

Store, garage, takeaway, air agency, banking agency, women’s centre, outstation resource centre, social club and swimming pool. AFL is popular here.

Rock art sites at Injalak Hill, fishing, sightseeing, wetlands

Permits required:
Entry permit required into Arnhem Land. Permit not required to work in clinic. Dry Community – residents can apply for a liquor permit.

Telecommunications Reception and Internet Access:
Telephone access, email access

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