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Northern Territory General Practice Education (NTGPE) is the innovative provider of quality general practice training and an active collaborator in the provision of general medical education in Australia’s Northern Territory.

As a key contributor to leadership in national and international models for general medical education, especially for remote and Aboriginal communities, NTGPE aspires to be ethical and socially just in all activities, whilst providing a flexible, supportive and culturally aware learning environment.

Through innovative, learner focused training and education NTGPE has become one of Australia’s leading providers of vertically integrated undergraduate and postgraduate medical and cultural education and training in rural and remote Indigenous health and general practice.

NTGPE was established in 2002 by a consortium of partners including Flinders University, Charles Darwin University, GP Divisions of the NT, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. It is funded by the Federal Government to provide postgraduate training in general practice, vocational placements for prevocational doctors and to provide specialised community based primary care placements to students from medical schools in all Australian states and also overseas.

NTGPE is a NT-wide organisation with two regional offices in Darwin and Alice Springs. Although its 50 employees are located primarily in the two regional centres, the majority of participants enrolled in NTGPE programs will be placed at some time in an Aboriginal community setting for clinical experience and/or vocational training.

In 2004 NTGPE was awarded the inaugural Indigenous Health Training Award for Excellence by the Federal Government.

NTGPE’s major programs include:

John Flynn Placement Program (JFPP)

Each year NTGPE places a share of the 300 John Flynn medical students for clinical experience throughout the NT, and almost exclusively in rural/remote Indigenous health services/clinics.  The first placement is three weeks, with the remaining five weeks made up over the following two years.

Prevocational Doctor Placement Program (PGPPP)

Each year NTGPE places up to 90 Prevocational Doctors for a general practice experience in rural, remote and urban locations. The majority of Prevocational Doctors engaged in this program will have high-level involvement with Indigenous health clinical settings.

General Practice Registrar Program (GPR)

Each year NTGPE enrols up to 35 new GP Registrars for a training period of three – four years. Currently there are 130 GP Registrars enrolled with NTGPE. This program has a high level teaching component in Medical and Cultural Education. Enrolments into this program are made via Australian General Practice Training (AGPT).

Overseas Trained Doctor National Education and Training (OTDNET)

The Overseas Trained Doctor National Education and Training (OTDNET) program will provide Overseas Trained Doctors (OTDs) with access to education and training which supports the learning needs of the individual towards gaining general medical registration and/or Specialist (General Practitioner) Registration.

In essence, the OTDNET program has been designed to help OTDs prepare for the relevant Australian Medical Council (AMC) or College exams.

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