Agreements and payments


NTGPE has an agreement with each participating training post. Agreements are provided to each training post before the commencement of the placement and include details of practice subsidy payments and supervisor in-practice teaching allowances.


Rates are based on the level of the GP registrar. Please see below table:

  GPT1/PRRT1 GPT2/PRRT2 GPT3/PRRT3 ESP (community based) Ext. Assessment Ext. Fellowship AST/ARST H/CCT
Practice Subsidy $520 p/week + GST $260 p/week + GST Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Teaching Allowance $130 p/week + GST (x3 hours p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x2 hours p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x1 hour p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x1 hour p/week) $130 p/week + GST (x1 hour p/week) Nil Nil Nil**

*Scroll right to view all subsidies & allowances.

Payments made to the training posts: 

In 2018 NTGPE will be returning to the previous system of linking the required submission of GP supervisor feedback to the teaching allowance payment.

From 2018.1 the teaching allowance will only be paid on completion and submission of the GP supervisor feedback (at weeks 6, 13 and end of training term except for ARST/AST* and ESP supervisors where the feedback is only required at week 6 and end of term). Practice subsidy will continue to be paid as normal.

For more information relating to practice payments and teaching allowance please refer to schedule 2 of your training post agreement.

* ARST and AST training placements do not attract a teaching allowance

Contact if you have any questions.

Employment of GP registrars:

NTGPE encourages training posts to seriously consider the professional relationship they have with any employed GP registrars. The arrangement  is an employee-employer relationship and should be treated as such.

NTGPE expects GP registrars to develop a professional employer-employee relationship with the clinic owner or manager beginning with the employment interview.

Clinics must adhere to the national minimum terms and conditions for training (NTCER).

Dowload a copy of NTCER