Exam support

Exam preparation for RACGP/ACRRM 2019


NTGPE offers extensive exam support to GP registrars comprising of online exam preparation groups through myGPcommunity, small group learning, face to face workshop sessions and practice clinical examinations.

myGPcommunity exam preparation groups


If you are sitting the 2019.2 RACGP written exams (19-20 July 2019), or preparing for upcoming ACCRM assessments, you are eligible to join our NTGPE closed study group on myGPcommunity.

The forum is relevant for both RACGP and ACCRM exams, as the clinical reasoning behind the questions remains the same, even though the exam format is not.

The group for this exam cycle will commence 18 March 2019 and run for 16 weeks, with weekly AKT and KFP-style questions posted for discussion.

Dr Jan Hanson, Senior ME will lead the online exam group and looks forward to meeting you online and exploring the topic questions together. Feel free to contact Dr Hanson on jan.hanson@ntgpe.org


NTGPE has an online StAMPS study group every term for those ACRRM registrars doing their ACRRM Primary Curriculum StAMPS. Various medical educators run through different scenarios giving registrars a chance to practice for the examination. Other ACRRM GP registrars who are not yet doing their assessments are also invited to attend as observers. 

If you're eligible to be a part of the STAMPS study group, you would have received an invitation through your email from Dr Vimbai Kapuya. If you think you're eligible (i.e. sitting exams in the next six months) and haven't received an email, contact Dr Kapuya on vimbai.kapuya@ntgpe.org

Small Group Learning (SGL)

Within the weekly SGL sessions, tips on examinations are often provided and one teaching week is dedicated to help registrars understand and start preparing for the ACCRM and RACGP examinations.


There are three evening workshops per term facilitated by a team of medical educators to prepare GP registrars for each of RACGP examinations; Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), Key Feature Paper (KFP) and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

These are face to face sessions targeted at GP registrars planning to sit their examinations in the next six months. An option to teleconference is made available. If you are eligible to sit your examinations, you will receive an email invitation from the Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO). If you think you are eligible and have not received an email, please contact your RLO.

Exam calendars

ACRRM exam calendar 2019

RACGP exam calendar 2019.1

RACGP exam calendar 2019.2