Medical cheekydogs

“Do you hear voices around here?

Clever things. Like ghosts. You think they’re kids outside… but they’re not.”

This January, I was lucky enough to head back out to Harts Range, also known as Atitjere, for my second John Flynn placement. After the excitement and unpredictability of day-to-day remote clinical care, I eagerly anticipated what was in store for my second time at Harts Range.

I was fortunate enough to complete my second John Flynn Placement in the Northern Territory on Groote Eylandt from 12 to 27 June 2016. This was my first time being placed on Groote, having completed my first placement in Ampilatwatja, NT in 2014.

“SHUT UP!” says Dean, “I can’t even hear myself think!”

What?? I’m stunned. The local indigenous men have been nothing but friendly and inclusive towards me.  This is the first moment of censorship.

Returning for Kintore the second time I felt myself incredibly excited. As the bush bus approached the small community and the familiar shapes of men’s and women’s mountains came into view, I realised just how much I had enjoyed my previous trip out here.