RACGP Practice Experience Program (PEP)

PEP is a self-directed education program to support non-VR doctors

PEP is a self-directed education program to support non-vocationally registered (non-VR) doctors progressing towards RACGP fellowship. NTGPE will be coordinating the PEP in the NT, commencing 22 January 2019.

PEP intake 2019 2020
Applications 11 February - 29 March 2019 18 February - 15 March 2019
1 May - 28 June 2019
19 August - 13 September 2019
Program start date 1 July 2019 1 January 2020


Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible for PEP, applicants must:

  • hold current Australian medical registration without restrictions
  • have a job or a job offer delivering general practice services in Australia
  • hold a valid general practice experience assessment with at least one year of assessed Australian general practice experience (full-time equivalent).
Do I need to be an Australian citizen to enrol in PEP?

You do not need to be an Australian citizen to apply for PEP. You will need to meet eligibility requirements to be considered for the program. Note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee you a place in PEP.

What is the cost to participate in the program?

PEP is subsidised by the Commonwealth Government and participants will be required to make a $2,000 co-payment per six-month term. If you withdraw from the program after having been formally accepted (in writing via a Program Agreement and subject to invoice payment) you will not be eligible for government funding should you wish to join the program in another intake.

What is NTGPE’s role?

NTGPE will make exam preparation and other clinical and cultural education support available to NT PEP participants, which you will be able to attend free of charge.  We also have a dedicated support team to guide participants through the program in the NT, led by very experienced medical educator, Dr Kishan Pandithage. Dr Pandithage will provide mentorship, support, and performance and progress monitoring. He will also provide feedback and assistance with learning plans. The support team is also comprised of administrative support to assist with coordination of education activities and to help participants stay on track with their training .

Need further information?

RACGP website https://www.racgp.org.au/education/imgs/fellowship-pathways/practice-experience-program, email NTGPE pep@ntgpe.org or call 08 8946 7079