457 visa applicants

I am on a 457 visa, can I apply?

If you intending to apply to the AGPT program and are on a 457 visa, you need to complete the below mentioned process and submit the documents in full before you can apply to enter the AGPT program.

All AGPT visa applicants are required to provide the following information to be considered as a 457 visa applications with NTGPE. Email your documents to registrar@ntgpe.org.

NTGPE will offer 457 visa support for applicants who are able to supply the following:

  • Current CV Letter stating why they want to work as a GP and in the Northern Territory
  • Provide a copy of primary medical qualification within Australia or New Zealand
  • Supply a current/active permanent residency application OR a completed Statutory Declaration
  • Supply documentation which confirms when they have received OR expect to have general medical registration

Timeline for 457 visa applications: Announced soon.

If you have questions about the process or the documents required, email registrar@ntgpe.org