Pastoral Care



Sue Irvin | Pastoral Care Officer
Phone: 0407 541 945        E-mail:


Janelle Melbourne | Pastoral Care Officer

Phone: 0889466119   Mobile: 0418 252 496   


“Pastoral care is the glue that makes the training program and GP registrars stick together and go the distance to fellowship”.

Pastoral care is an important ‘wellbeing’ service provided by NTGPE to all GP registrars throughout the course of their training and provides on-going support, referral and advice relating to personal, workplace and training issues.

NTGPE has a mandatory remote health term which presents GP registrars with unique challenges and rewards. There is a strong focus on providing pastoral care during this placement.  

Placement preparation  

Pastoral care officers also play a critical role in preparing GP registrars for their up and coming placement. This may involve:

  • Advice and support regarding relocation
  • Sharing of NT, placement location and workplace information
  • Linking GP registrars with people connected to their placement

Ongoing support 

Pastoral care officers will actively contact GP registrars to discuss such things as:

  • Settling in to a new workplace/community
  • Workplace supervision and teaching
  • Workload
  • Critical incidents
  • Work/life balance and self-care 

Referrals and additional support 

Referral is also a key role of the Pastoral Care Officer. Some examples include:

  • Referral to specific NTGPE staff regarding specific issues such as PRL, requirements etc.
  • Referral to formal counselling services such as the NT Employment Assistance Scheme (EASA)
  • Referral to an NTGPE registrar liaison officer for collegial support


Feedback is as a critical requirement for continuous quality improvement. Pastoral care officers are happy to receive feedback from GP registrars throughout their GP training experience.