Our Community, Our Health


NTGPE's 'Our Community, Our Health' campaign shares inspirational stories of GP registrars, GP supervisors and medical educators who help NTGPE to be a significant contributor to rural and remote health care in the diverse, challenging, and unique training environment of the Territory.

The delivery of world-class training and high-level support to GP registrars in the Northern Territory has been built on a foundation of experience, relationships, and local knowledge of healthcare delivery, especially in rural and remote Australia.

"I have always wanted to be the doctor that everyone knows"
Peter started with NTGPE as a Senior Cultural Educator in 2020, but his journey in cultural education started on the day he was born.
In some ways, it is almost inevitable that Dr Maria Vidler’s past combined with her future vision of herself, would lead to the present, as a GP caring for vulnerable members in remote and rural communities.
Northern Territory General Practice Education 2020 GP Registrar of the Year, Dr Aly Knell, became captivated by the NT working as a tour guide in the Alice Springs region.
Our Community, Our Health | Dr Cate Pritchard
Dr Peter Zimmermann's journey to becoming a GP
Recent fellow Dr Catherine Pendrey has returned to remote NT to pursue her passion for Indigenous health.
Katie's journey of academia, adventure, bravery, inspiration, survival, and ultimately, a passion for improving Indigenous health.
Justin has spent his entire career coming and going from the NT. Currently on his third stint, Justin works and supervises GP registrars on the Tiwi Islands.
Ralph is originally from the remote island country of Palau and is now working as a medical educator in Alice Springs, supporting GP registrars in training.
From saving lives in the Amazon, to leading regional medical services in the NT, Marco's story is one of adventure, passion, and education.