Customised Cultural Orientation Courses

NTGPE offers customised one day cultural orientation courses, tailored to suit the specific requirements of individual groups and organisations.

Cultural orientation courses lead participants through a series of discussions aimed at increasing the individual’s skills and ability to effectively interact with communities, families, patients and remote clinic staff.

Our experienced and highly respected cultural educators plan and develop the cultural education component of the course and provide comprehensive and relevant training. Each participant will gain practical skills of awareness and empathy of Aboriginal culture.

NTGPE’s cultural orientation course is a unique example of the depth with which NTGPE naturally engages with all Indigenous Northern Territorians. NTGPE acknowledges that Indigenous Australia is a complex cultural, social and political environment which encompasses 250 living languages and cultures.

NTGPE is recognised nationally and internationally for its progressive approach to Aboriginal health education.

Who Can Attend?

The course is beneficial to anyone working in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander setting and caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people: health professionals, educators, administrations, government employees and associated professionals.

When: Every Monday from 8.45am to 4.30pm.

Where: NTGPE Office – Yellow 1, Level 3, Charles Darwin University, Ellengowan Drive, Casuarina NT 0810

Contact: For further information please email